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Self-Esteem Workshops

Team-Building-MixIn addition to offering residential rehabilitation and 12-step based substance use recovery programs, the staff at Prescott House utilizes their decades of experience to facilitate Self-Esteem Workshops. These workshops help participants discover and strengthen their inner sense of self-worth and capability. The Self-Esteem Workshop provides valuable action-oriented tools and support to help individuals develop confidence.

The Goal of Self-Esteem Workshops
The goal of our Self-Esteem Workshop is to provide individuals with the support, motivation and tools necessary to achieve success while in our program and after. Individuals receive valuable psychological and emotional counsel, as well as constructive action-oriented training to help them build happy, healthy, and successful lives.

How the Workshops are structured
The Self-Esteem Workshops are held twice a month and are carried out in a group setting. The staff members who facilitate the workshops are specialists in their field and many are either involved in a 12-step program or have been in the past. Participants complete individual work, are encouraged to engage in group sessions, and participate in team-building exercises that foster a sense of belonging, cooperation and service. The workshops provide a nurturing environment that is focused on personal healing and growth.

How Self-Esteem Workshops Help Individuals in Substance Use Recovery
Low self-esteem, loneliness, and isolation are common among individuals who struggle with substance use addiction. Without the assistance of a strong support system it can be very difficult for these individuals to achieve and maintain sobriety. Sober family members and friends are a valuable source of support. However, the presence and assistance of individuals who understand the challenges of substance addiction is are invaluable.

Prescott House recognizes this need and provides a safe, structured, all male environment that uniquely accommodates the needs of individuals recovering from substance use disorders. Individuals are able to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns in a compassionate and uplifting atmosphere. In the Self-Esteem Workshops, participants are able to work together and help each other learn, heal, and develop effective responses to the internal and external difficulties that accompany substance use addiction and recovery.

How Prescott House Can Help
While many rehabilitation programs place primary emphasis on altering the destructive behaviors of persons struggling with substance use addiction, Prescott House recognizes that this approach alone isn’t enough to support long-term sobriety. Instead, Prescott House focuses on treating and healing the whole person; helping them identify the underlying source of their self-destructive habits and behaviors. Once the source of the addictions and destructive behavior is identified, an appropriate rehabilitation program is formulated and put into practice.

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