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Psychiatric Services at Prescott House

 Prescott House in Arizona is an addiction recovery and rehabilitation facility for men.At Prescott House, we believe that our team and approach to total-body wellness is what sets us apart from our peers. As an extended treatment and recovery center for males, we’re constantly pushing the bar in terms of mental health services, therapeutic approaches to treatment, and the approach to holistic treatment of the condition rather than masking the symptoms. In short, we want to find the cause of the problem as well as the way to treat it at its source rather than just hiding the symptoms from view while ignoring the reason you’re here in the first place.

To do this, we rely on our professional staff of knowledgeable and qualified addiction treatment experts. Our clinical staff consists of our medical director, psychiatrist, two consulting psychologists, primary therapists, an eating disorder therapist, and two certified sex addiction therapists (CSTAT). We also have a PH.D-level spiritual advisor on staff who works with clients regularly to be sure to meet their spiritual needs.

At Prescott House, we are constantly striving to improve our level of excellence through careful placement of qualified individuals. Our therapeutic model is community-based, utilizing group therapy, family-of-origin therapy, and advanced educational groups in addition to more traditional therapies, and experiential therapies such as expressive art, and equine therapy.

Throughout the week, our residents are encouraged to ask questions and engage our professional staff in order to bring forth any suggestions or criticisms in order to better facilitate the treatment options not just for each individual, but every individual to follow. Outside of our staff, we also encourage the same level of engagement during our group therapy sessions which allow group members to feel as if they have an impact on the group as a whole as well as its policies and guidelines. Engaging with the group, and the staff leaves residents feeling as if they are making an active contribution to the therapy which is great for mental well-being while in recovery as well as offering up skills in effective reasoning and conflict resolution once they leave Prescott House and settle into their new life.

Each staff member is not only open to this level of feedback, we encourage it. This level of openness and transparency leads to a level of trust in our psychiatric services, as well as our addiction therapy model that is often difficult to find at most treatment centers. If a patient doesn’t feel as if they have some level of control over their recovery, the process often becomes exponentially more difficult not only for them, but for the group, and the professionals they work with on staff.

At Prescott House, we aim to be different in our approach. As such, we utilize high-level professionals from multiple disciplines in the field of mental health in order to provide excellence in therapy no matter what the individual needs of the patient are

So far, this approach has proven quite successful.

If you or a loved one have questions about how Prescott Help can help to overcome addiction or mental health conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to help, and it all starts with that first conversation.

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