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How Prescott House Uses Expressive Art to Aid In Recovery


In the treatment process, the entire experience can seem overwhelming. We at Prescott House find that using creative outlets, such as expressive art, can be a great way to calm the mind and aid in the recovery process.

Jenny is our expressive arts facilitator. Jenny is an artist from Prescott, Arizona and she has run created multimedia arts, since 1996, focusing on making jewelry, painting, wood burning and more. Before joining us, Jenny majored in Art Education at Northern Arizona University and graduated from Prescott College with her degree in Expressive Arts.

Jenny is a valuable addition to our team, and she offers expressive art classes that allow for a structured, professional and above all else, fun environment for creation, expression and interpretation through multiple art mediums. Throughout these classes – which our residents love – Jenny teaches that art is about the process, and not the product. This is a great segue into art as it teaches those with less experience in creating artistic pieces that the final product is really just a subset of the process, not the most important part of the therapy. In short, quality is far less important than the therapeutic healing that takes place during the creation process.

Each class begins by creating a relaxed, casual and safe environment. We’re trying to channel and invoke your inner child, the natural creator before life led to a sort of block that most adults tend to experience which diminishes their artistic ability.
expressive-arts-with-watercolorClasses include not only the creation of art pieces, but journalism, group discussions and education surrounding the history of art, or the medium being used to create the artwork. The goal is to relieve anxiety, boost self-esteem, and look at life and all of the things within it from a perspective that many of us lose over time. Clients are able to identify feelings through patterns, colors and shapes rather than attempting to verbalize them in traditional therapy sessions.

Whether it’s a relaxing watercolor painting, meditative pattern art, creative writing or just having fun with crayons, the art classes at Prescott House are definitely a favorite of each of our clients, and Jenny is an outstanding and gifted teacher.

Remember, when it comes to making art, it’s not about the skill of the artist, but about the way creating allows your mind to transfer to a different pattern of thought.

We find that art is a great way to mend wounds while creating a safe place to express, emote and be free of the expectations and anxiety that surround the rehabilitation process.

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