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Gambling Addiction Treatment Center for Men

You may have a friend or family member that loves to play cards, bet on the lottery or visit local casinos periodically. You might even be that person yourself. Gambling for fun is an adult hobby but not typically a constant companion. Those who suffer from gambling addiction are seeking the winner’s sensation that brings such sudden pleasure. Similar to drug dependency, gambling addictions can quickly get out of hand. Prescott House is an exclusive, men-only facility that specializes in gambling habits and their solutions.

Common Signs of Addiction

A pathological gambling habit can most often be defined by a person’s preoccupation with the next trip to the casino, the next plan to get money for gambling (which can be criminal in nature), and even the deception one must engage in to keep gambling trips and expenditures a secret from spouses, children, and friends. These behaviors will often land the individual in rough financial situations and deteriorate personal relationships.

How to Help

One of the best ways to help you or your loved one is to seek out specialized programs that get to the core of the issue at hand. At Prescott House, you can provide us with any unusual behavior you’ve observed in a loved one that leads you to believe they may need help. We can connect you with the right staff member to help you even further. An intervention may be necessary or just a simple sit-down conversation to bring these issues to the forefront. Each person who is struggling with this behavior is an individual who may be at a different point in their addiction than someone else. Prescott House can pinpoint their specific needs.

If you are an individual who has realized your dependency on gambling, you can call Prescott House as a first step to your recovery. We are here to answer questions and provide real-life solutions to gambling addiction. Addiction in any form is treated as a medical issue, not a deviant lifestyle.

Prescott House Treatment Difference

Prescott House is unique in its mixed group and individual therapy method. New patients meet with a professional to gauge their addiction and work towards a resolution. Individuals are highly encouraged to attend their group meetings. Members can share experiences and grow together with this therapy program.

Therapy sessions encompass many facets of life, from your personal issues to altering behavior through reason and logic. There are even role-playing scenarios to help you visualize your gambling problem. Prescott House offers apartment style living as you share your daily life with individuals in the pursuit of betterment.

Contact Prescott House if you, or a loved one, has a gambling habit that is affecting your life. Neglecting to treat this problem only results in lost relationships and trust in those around you. You want a better future for you and surrounding loved ones.

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