Opioid Risk Tool

Opioid addiction risk tool

Opiates Are A Deadly Addiction

Created by Dr. Lynn Webster

The Opioid Risk Tool allows individuals along with licensed trained professionals to develop an understanding the extent of one’s addiction and/or dependence on opiates.

“Anyone who takes opioids on a regular basis will become dependent upon them, meaning they will have to taper off gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms. But very few chronic pain patients exhibit the compulsive drug-seeking behaviors of someone who is addicted.” -Karen Lee Richards

Complete the test by responding to each statement by checking the box □ to personal/family history of abuse.

    Family History of Substance Abuse

    Illegal Drugs
    Prescription Drugs

    Personal History of Substances Abuse

    Illegal Drugs
    Prescription Drugs

    Age between 16-45

    History of Preadolescence Sexual Abuse?

    Psychological Disease

    Attention Deficit Disorder
    Depression Bipolar
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    © 2006 Dr. Webster

    Download the Opioid Risk Tool PDF

    These behavioral patterns show the overuse of opiates, prescription sales, false reports of stolen pills, forgery of scripts and clinical appointment cancellations.

    Assessment Submission Details

    *Submission of this assessment does not qualify nor exclude you from our Opiate Addition Program.
    This is provided as a preliminary screening to assess the extent of current and past addictions.

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