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How Long Is To Successfully Complete The Program?

We are an extended care long-term treatment program. The average length of stay in our In-Patient on-campus residential facility is 4 to 6 months depending on individual progress. Once proven to understand and committing to the process, individuals transfer to our Out-Patient Program which is monitored for progress over the following 3 months. When successfully integrating into a healthy and clean lifestyle, individuals are considered graduates. Due to the time length of this program along with personal and professional commitments, we may make exceptions with a 90 day commitment that include structured aftercare plans.

How Can I Pay?

We accept most major insurance companies and will bill them directly. And, of course, we accept cash/credit payments.

What Do I Do Next?

Read over our website to understand that our program requires time and commitment. Once ready to move forward, we would love to personally communicate (call 866-425-4673) or verify your insurance information to find which services and costs will be covered.

What Is The Success Rate?

Our commitment to the process continues as we have been restoring lives since 1988. As one of Prescott, Arizona’s first addiction treatment programs, we state with pride that our successes are found everyday at the Prescott House because 95% of our staff members have graduated our program. Many graduates, using the lifelong skills and knowledge learned at the Prescott House, have helped others in their journey by providing their own recovery programs. Yearly in July, we join in an annual alumni picnic and golf tournament, with our first ever graduate having attended every year to date.

You can search the internet far and wide on this topic, however statistics struggle to be accurate. Unfortunately addicts and alcoholics often do not properly complete follow-up tracking for addiction program studies.  Between 1993 and 1995 the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment conducted numerous grant studies and one conclusion states: “(Regarding)Short-stay clients:  We know that short-stay clients who responded to the follow-up study had significantly poorer outcomes than the longer-stay clients who responded to the follow-up.” (P34) Further emphasizing the importance of long term rehabilitation found at the Prescott House.


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