Anonymous Treatment for Compulsive Sex Relationships and Serial Extra-Marital Affairs

Sex Addiction

Treating the Cause

Depending on the severity, anonymous sex, compulsive relationships and extra-marital affairs can very well be a part of sex, love, and relationship addiction. As these behaviors continue, the root of the issue can often times be forgotten or even lost in an attempt to treat the addiction. Finding and treating the cause of the behavior is essential to start the healing process.

Understanding Compulsive Relationships

Like other sexually addictive behaviors, an individual who struggles with jumping from one relationship to the other (or one sexual partner to another) can experience devastating consequences. Many sex, love, or relationship addicts find that the high of a new relationship, or “conquest,” to be the ultimate rush. However, when the initial honeymoon period of a new relationship is over, the sex, love, or relationship addict is quick to move on. There is a sense of loneliness and despair that follows the up and down cycle found with anonymous sex and compulsive relationships. Severe depression, anxiety, and shame are not uncommon feelings.

How do Extra-marital Affairs Develop?

Sexual and romantic relationships that are had outside of a marriage are considered extra-marital affairs. Affairs that happen more repeatedly and in a multitude of circumstances are seen as serial extra-marital affairs. There are numerous men who are a part of serial extra-marital affairs, which is certainly an activity associated with sexual addiction. This growing understanding allows men to successfully find treatment that enables them to address exactly why they were driven to stray outside of their marriage. This initial step begins the journey of finding positive solutions to mend the damage dealt to oneself and to loved ones.

Signs of Sex, Love, and Relationship Addiction

Anonymous sex, compulsive relationships, and serial extra-marital affairs significantly affect all individuals involved. Identifying the signs to this behavior is imperative to finding a solution. Because there could be an underlying connection to sexual addiction, treatment may be needed to effectively address the pain, shame, and fear associated with the sexually acting out behaviors. The signs associated with sexual addiction include but are not limited to excessive emotional outbursts and overpowered reactions, hyper-vigilance, obsessing, isolation, compulsive behavioral changes, intrusive fantasies, and sleeplessness. Sex, love, and relationship addiction may also have detrimental effects on overall self-esteem and self-perception which interferes with one’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis.

Supportive Long-term Addiction Treatment

The devastating effect on long-term relationships and marriages can also cause the addict to further distance themselves from the reality of the situation. Finding treatment for the underlying issue of sex addition is imperative for any man troubled with this issue. Approaching a loved one who is grappling with this issue with the intent to seek treatment should be done so in a supportive manner. Therapy and long-term treatment for those who suffer from sexual addiction will help lay the groundwork for healthy and mutually supportive relationships for the future.

If you or someone you know in your life is suffering from sexual addiction and engaging in harmful sexual behaviors, please contact one of our professionals at Prescott House today. We are here to help.

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