Eating Disorder Program

Eating Disorders Program for Men

Eating disorders are not typically associated with men in our society, but we have encountered several men in our program over the years struggling with body image issues, binge eating issues, and excessive exercising issues. In more severe cases, we have encountered men with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other forms of eating disorders as well as men who use steroids. We have found that addressing issues with food and body image, along with balanced nutrition, can be crucial to a healthy recovery.

Nutritional Support: Clients attend six nutrition education workshops in the first six weeks of their stay at Prescott House. The workshops include the of topics: meal planning, label reading, nutrition and recovery, hypoglycemia, eating disorders and disordered eating, and grocery shopping.

Clients will also meet individually with the nutrition counselor within their first couple weeks to be assessed on their food habits and to be screened for eating disorder/disordered eating issues. The clients receive ongoing support with meal planning, shopping skills, and cooking skills as needed. Emphasis is placed on helping the clients form healthy relationships with food.

Groups: The Eating Disorder/Disordered Eating Group meets once per week and includes clients with the most need of help with food and/or body image issues. The groups facilitate nutritional accountability, individual sharing, group discussions, and experiential work.

However the primary objective of the group is to create a space that allows for the men to share openly with other men about their food and body related concerns. The group also holds a weekly group dinner organized by a monthly leader to reinforce the connection of the group members.

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