How Prescott House’s CSAT Trained Individuals Assist in Sobriety

Prescott House is a renowned treatment center for men that is both highly respected and highly effective. Part of the reason behind our success is the individuals that work within our program as well as their continued commitment to on-going training and certification.

One of these certifications is known as CSAT – or – Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and over the years this has become the industry standard for addiction professionals. The training and certification is handled by an organization known as IITAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals).

The APA, NAADAC, NASW, CABBS and CACCF recognize IITAP as a continuing education provider that is highly respected within the treatment community.

To even be considered eligible for the certification, you must:

  • Have a Masters-level degree or higher
  • Be a licensed professional therapist or counselor
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in the counseling field

As you can see, it’s certainly not a simple certification to get, and the fact that Prescott House has individuals within our treatment program that are Certified Sex Addiction Therapists helps to set us apart from the pack in terms of quality men’s treatment centers in the United States.

This on-going commitment to continuing education is part of what makes the treatment program at Prescott House so effective.

What is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist?

A Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) is a distinguished member of the counseling community that meets the pre-requisites mentioned above to take CSAT training, and ultimately achieve the certification.

CSAT training was originally designed by Dr. Patrick Carnes and features an intensive four week training that leads to a better understanding of addictions that are sexual in nature. The training allows professionals to increase their ability to better assess the level and type of sexual dependence as well as the trauma history and family origins of these addictions within the historical context of the patient undergoing treatment.

In addition, CSAT-trained individuals will learn to better understand and assess the way trauma and sex addiction interact and co-exist with existing mental health conditions or other substance addictions, such as alcohol or drugs.

The training is designed to give therapists, doctors or counselors a leg up in the diagnosis and treatment of addictions that are sexual in nature. Other therapists may not assess the threat of a sexual addiction without the patient explicitly seeking treatment for this kind of condition. CSAT-trained therapists are trained to spot the signs that others may miss by asking and assessing the patient in a way that others aren’t trained to do.

CSAT-trained therapists are therapists first, and sex addiction specialists second, meaning that each CSAT-certified specialist is able to perform an overall clinical interview, recommend treatment options, and assist with the diagnosis, testing and sobriety of not only sex addiction cases, but a wide-variety of additional addictions and even some co-occurring mental health conditions.

At Prescott House, our treatment program works because of the quality and the strength of the individuals within and the overall consistency and improvement of our training methods. We rely on on-going testing and certification – such as Certified Sex Addiction Therapists training – in order to stay on the cutting edge of diagnosis, treatment, and overall patient care.

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