Cocaine and Antidepressants

Cocaine and Antidepressants

Cocaine and Antidepressants Treatment Center for Men

Gaining popularity in the 80s, cocaine became the drug of glamour and power. Many people are introduced to cocaine while out at bars or parties. The stimulant effects of cocaine allow a person to stay awake longer and not feel all of the effects of alcohol, which also allows them to drink more than usual. The use and abuse of cocaine also comes with a variety of severe health issues. Even more issues arise when a person is using cocaine in combination with antidepressants. Many addicts abuse drugs because they suffer from an underlying mental illness. While mixing cocaine with pharmaceutical drugs is common, most addicts don’t understand the dangers of using drugs with different types of medications.

What Happens when a Person Combines Cocaine and Antidepressant Medications?

Antidepressants commonly come in the form of medications like tricyclics, venlafaxine or monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOIs). Some of these medications include fluoxetine and paroxetine. When combining these types of medications with the use of cocaine, the enzymes in the liver don’t function properly. The liver is designed to help detoxify the body, but when the enzymes are inhibited, there is the potential for the toxicity that passes through the liver is getting into the person’s system. When the liver doesn’t do its job, the person can become very ill, and their skin can become discolored.

Mixing cocaine with antidepressants also increases the risk of seizures. Unlike many other drugs, stimulants like cocaine affect the brain more than it does the rest of the body. When cocaine is used in combination with antidepressants, risk of seizures is higher due to the antidepressant effects being stimulated. The mixture of these two substances can also lead to electrolyte imbalances as well as various medical injuries. Some people also suffer from serotonin syndrome, which can include symptoms like muscle twitching, sweating, fever, increased heart rate, agitation and confusion.

Treatment At Prescott House

When coming to Prescott House, individuals will be under the supervision of a staff who is passionate about helping and developing a sober lifesytle. On-site, there is a medical director, psychiatrist, two psychologists as well as an assortment of therapists. Prescott House specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, which means depression will be treated separately from problems with cocaine and/or drug abuse. No matter what type of events triggers depression, a therapist will be there to help offer guidance as to how to deal with the situations with a much healthier and sober approach.

How Prescott House Can Help

Prescott House is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that has a certified staff that can help addicts overcome the addiction of cocaine. The first step towards getting well is asking for help. The disease of addiction is more powerful than many may realize. Overcoming this disease successfully often requires the help of trained professionals. Prescott House offers a wide range of different therapeutic methods to help men and women learn how to live a new life of freedom from addiction.

While in treatment, individuals also learn more about the disease of addiction to provide the answers that addicts have been looking for. Prescott House is here to help individuals learn to love themselves as well. Developing and building self-esteem, individual classes are provided about how to set up healthy boundaries with friends, family and coworkers to help strengthen sobriety upon discharge. Prescott House wants nothing more than to see those addicted succeed in their journey towards recovery. Call today for more information about the program.

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