Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Treatment Center for Men

Cocaine Treatment Center for MenUsing cocaine can be very dangerous, and habit forming. The long term affects of cocaine use lead to heart attacks, strokes, seizures, headaches, abdominal pain, ulcers, nausea, and sometimes sudden death. Cocaine use can result in damage to the kidneys and destruction of tissue in the nose. Respiratory problems, infectious disease, malnutrition, weight loss, and a heightened tolerance come with cocaine abuse. Mood swings, depression, and anxiety also accompany cocaine use.

Resulting from heavy use of cocaine, it is likely addicts will experience withdrawal symptoms and require a long term detox when attempting to quit using. The initial withdrawal and crash can take as little as 24 hours and in severe cases sometimes last days or even weeks depending on the length and amount of consumption, everyone’s withdrawal experience is different.

The United States is known as the largest consumer of cocaine, in fact 35.3 million Americans of or over the age 12 [source] have used cocaine. Being such a highly addictive drug, families of addicts will spend the time and money pursuing addiction treatment. Unfortunately, the addict will often times relapse during their first attempt to getting sober. Prescott House is dedicated to deterring this cycle by providing an in-depth personalized process, which has proven to be effective to an individuals recovery.

Cravings of Cocaine

Many people who have been using cocaine have a very strong desire to further abuse the dangerous drug. This is known as cocaine cravings which is common among those addicted to substances. Much of the cravings are driven by the symptoms of cocaine during substance withdrawal, while cravings are also driven by the pleasure of the cocaine high.

Cocaine Withdrawal

Depression, anxiety, or having a dysphoric mood, is a typical reaction to cocaine withdrawal. These feelings are often very intense following the come down of a cocaine high but tend to pass once the withdrawal stage is over. Exhaustion is expected during times of cocaine withdrawal. The lack of sleep and exhausting activity while high on cocaine, can can lead to extreme exhaustion, which will worsen as the cocaine effects wear off.

Withdrawal from this intense special kind of pleasure and high, leads to agitation and intense mood changes, affecting the brain and nervous system.

Cocaine, the stimulating white powder, is smoked, snorted, and shot. This stimulant suppresses the appetite, elevates blood pressure, and is very dangerous due to its highly addictive properties.

Most cocaine comes from the Colombian Bolivian region and is also known by the street names of; blow, nose candy, flake, white boy, nose powder, white powder, and powder. It can lead to very intense addiction and can very easily result in death. A illicit substance so powerful, cocaine quickly leads to dependence which also brings along catastrophic outcomes.

Although the effects of the substance wears off in roughly 30 minutes, it is responsible for more emergency room visits than any other illegal drug. Users are known for erratic violent behavior, and can suffer from serious health problems.

This drug can cause long-term kidney damage, sexual dysfunction, powerful cravings and more. While causing oxygen starvation, addiction, and severe heart problems, this powerful drug affects the heart, brain and emotional well-being, which can result in sudden death.

Using cocaine can be very dangerous, and habit forming. It may very well to lead to a long term and disturbing addiction. Please contact us today if you or a loved one is addicted to cocaine.

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