Time Takes Time

Here we are, already in the last quarter of 2016! We wanted to give you a recap of some of the addiction recovery resources we provided so far. February 2016 Prescott House Articles: Monitoring Stress Throughout the Treatment Process Preventing Addiction Relapse After Recovery March 2016 Prescott House Articles: Sex…

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When Fantasy Becomes a Nightmare

Prescott-House-Gambling Addiction Treatment

What’s not to love about fantasy football? Right? I mean, you get together with your buddies for a fun, rowdy draft party once a year (or twice, if you sign on for fantasy baseball, too!) and then you trade good-natured trash-talking jabs throughout the season as your team is pitted…

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Finally on a True Winning Streak


Maureen Michael Joins Prescott House GAMBLING COUNSELOR Maureen Michael has a great life. She works in a career field she’s passionate about, she enjoys exciting hobbies and she loves spending time with her husband, her children and her grandbabies. She earned her bachelor’s degree a few years back and is…

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The Myth of Rock Bottom: Debunked

Don't wait until rock bottom to seek substance abuse treatment.

There are many myths surrounding drug addiction, but none more dangerous than the idea that a user must hit rock bottom before they seek treatment. Men in all stages of addiction come to Prescott House for treatment and recovery from a wide variety of conditions. Rock bottom is a myth,…

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