Chemsex – When Drug Abuse & Sex Addiction Collide

Combining Risky Behaviors Chemsex has become more prominent throughout the UK and US with the evolution of Grindr and other dating/hook-up apps. The allure to “PNP” (party and play) is the use of drugs as sexual disinhibitors to endure several partners over multiple days. A recent study performed at St George’s University Hospital in May of 2018 showed the most commonly used drugs during chemsex are; mephedrone (69%), GHB-gamma hydroxybutyrate & GBL-gamma butyrolactone (53%), ketamine Read more…

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Compulsive is…Compulsive Does

The Rise of Mental Health Awareness Throughout the world, addiction and mental health issues continue to rise. Fortunately, as awareness and acceptance become more commonplace, those affected by these issues are looking for answers rather than living in secrecy. Many times a dual-diagnosis is applied to individuals dealing with both a substance abuse disorder and a co-occurring mental illness. Mental illness disorders that are commonly diagnosed along-side substance abuse: Mood Disorders – e.g. Bipolar, Clinical Read more…

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Addiction Treatment

Evidence-Based Treatment at Prescott House Promotes Recovery

Why Is Evidence-Based Care Most Effective? Addiction and mental health issues, do not discriminate. Abusing drugs and alcohol, acting out on compulsive behaviors or living with a co-occurring disorder, can place men in situations where they may feel hopeless and lost. Due to the self-destructive nature of these issues, Prescott House has been utilizing an Evidence-Based approach for over 25 years, to treat men on a case-by-case basis. Evidence-Based treatment is derived from our clinical Read more…

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Finding Your Safe Place Through Guided Meditation

Reacting To Stress Fight or flight? This physiological response is a common reaction within our bodies when we feel threatened, attacked or recognize harm. Initially identified by Harvard’s Walter Bradford Cannon, as he compiled data from animals describing how the nervous system merges with hormonal adrenaline to produce a “violent display of energy”. This internal burst effects blood sugars and supply which then activates the “fight or flight” response. While neither option within the fight-or-flight Read more…

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Ethics In Recovery

Prescott House & NARA’s Influence on Sober Living Bill

Establishing Requirements for Sober Living Homes Until 2016 no standards or requirements existed for recovery home managers of unlicensed homes located in Prescott, AZ. In fact, sober living was mostly unregulated. This led to an overabundance of sober living homes, 150+ at its peak, many of which did not provide the quality nor safety needed for occupants who were recovering from various life-altering addictions. It was around this time that the Northern Arizona Recovery Association Read more…

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Opioid Addiction Recovery

Heroin, Codeine, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone

Addressing the dependency on Opiates or Heroin, Prescott House is a great first step to recovery. Our extended care facility has handled numerous heroin addiction cases, and has an outstanding treatment record among those most affected by the drug, and their loved ones.

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