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Treatment and Recovery

Alcoholism is one of the most widespread addictions. However addiction is not a deviant behavior because it is truly a treatable medical condition. For many addicts, the predisposition to alcoholism started in the home. Whether a mother or father was an addict, or even both, the child typically grows into their addiction to cope with a difficult life experiences and emotions. If you or someone you love has been exposed to alcohol addiction in the home, Prescott House is here to help on the road to recovery.

Pinpointing the Symptoms

There are many “functioning” addicts that go about their day with seemingly no problems. However, several telltale signs are flags of a deep-seated alcohol addiction. If the person seems to always need a drink, and even develops shakes when sober, addiction can be the culprit. Disruptions to normal life, including divorce or domestic abuse, only encourage more drinking binges. Periodic blackouts and a general aversion towards facing day to day issues are also noticeable signs.

Stopping the Cycle

It is critical to find help for you or your loved one, the sooner the better. Addiction affects the entire household, not just the person who needs helps. For example, children of alcoholics can have mental and physical ailments later in life, such as depression and adults who are alcoholics may even think the behavior is normal, if they grew up around traumatic experiences in the home. If you are uncomfortable with confronting personal, historical experiences that have lead to this addiction, Prescott House can help you. Often times an intervention is the first step to substantial change, followed by actively seeking a treatment program.

Treating the Individual as A Whole

Alcoholism can stem from a family history, but it can truly affect anyone. At Prescott House, we talk with the patient before planning a treatment strategy. Each individual is guaranteed to receive customized care at our facility. Our patient’s are introduced to groups of people who are struggling in a similar manner.

We truly stand out with our men-only treatment and apartment facilities. Meals and experiences are shared in a cohesive group atmosphere. There is true support as each person works their way through the program.

However, it is important that our patient’s get the care they need in an individual setting as well. Understanding their behavior and alcohol needs gives individual’s the strength to fight drinking urges. In addition to group sessions, each individual sees our credentialed professionals on a personal basis in order to get to the core of deep personal issues that may have never been discussed in the past.

You or your loved one is safe with Prescott House’s highly-trained staff. If you have any questions, we are here to provide expert advice. Dealing with addiction requires self-confidence, strength and expert help from Prescott House Professionals.

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