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Check-In and Admissions

Client Admissions and Check-In Times

Standard Rate Check-In Times are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
After Hours and Weekend Check-In Times incur an additional charge.

When at all possible, please schedule flights to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to arrive by 2pm. This allows our Admissions team the time needed for travel 2 hours north of the Airport to Prescott, Arizona to complete the check-in process.

Transport Options

International and Out-of-State Clients:

New clients can fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport where they will meet a member of the Prescott House staff ready to help with their luggage and drive them up to Prescott, AZ.  Individuals that arrive through Terminal 4 will meet the Prescott House staff member at the bottom of the escalators that lead to baggage claim.  The staff member will be holding a sign with the individual’s name on it and are usually easy to spot.  Also, an emailed photo of the individual would be appreciated before his flight to help staff locate the individual (Sky Harbor Airport can get pretty busy).

The drive to Prescott from Phoenix Sky Harbor will take just under two hours depending on traffic.  New clients should bring a small amount of spending money just in case there is a stop for food.

Arizona Clients:

For individuals located in the state of Arizona, there are various options for transport to the Prescott House campus.  The preferred method of transport is for a Prescott House staff member to pick up the individual from his home.  It is recommended that transportation from home be organized no later than 48 hours prior to pick-up.  As the Prescott House staff member gets closer to the predetermined destination they will contact the family or individual to ensure a quick and smooth pick-up.  The Prescott House is willing and able to arrange transport anywhere within the state of Arizona.

Other in-state transport options include a family member or a sober escort that is able to drive the individual to the Prescott House. If this is the chosen option, we ask that arrival occur during normal business hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Individuals can also drive their own vehicles up to the Prescott House. We do not encourage this option but do make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  For individuals that do bring their vehicles, off-campus local storage for their car must be arranged prior to arrival.  The Prescott House does not store individual’s vehicles on campus.

If you have any questions about the transport options to the Prescott House, please feel free to talk with a member of our admissions staff at 1-866-425-4673

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