What to Bring

What to Bring

The Following Items are Required upon Arrival:

  • Proof of identification (driver’s license, photo I.D., or a passport)
  • If the individual has insurance, please bring the insurance card or a copy of the insurance card

Packing for the Prescott House:

The city of Prescott is truly a beautiful and unique area of northern Arizona.  For many out-of-state clients, their first visit to Prescott shatters any pre-conceived expectations of what Arizona is like (i.e. hot and dry). Unlike much of the rest of Arizona, Prescott experiences all four seasons.  Since the Prescott House is an extended residential program, we ask new clients to pack accordingly.

  • Jeans and/or pants (must be in working order with no holes or tears please)
  • Exercise pants or sweat pants, shorts (knee length or longer), gym and/or workout shorts
  • Appropriate T-shirts (please no clothing that endorses drug/alcohol use or products, or is sexually suggestive), collared shirts, and dress shirts
  • Cold weather clothing including jackets and sweaters, shoes (gym and dress) as well as sandals or shower shoes (flip-flops)
  • Hygiene supplies (no aerosol products, cologne, hair gel, or products that contain alcohol)
  • Important contact names, phone numbers, and addresses• Stationary, postage stamps, and envelopes
  • Initially, appropriate recovery literature is acceptable to bring; however, no leisure reading materials
  • Individuals can bring a musical instrument (please inform admission staff prior to packing your musical instrument)

The Prescott House discourages incoming clients bringing expensive jewelry, watches, or sunglasses to campus.

Please Do Not Pack the Following:

  • Cell phones and any electronic equipment that include but are not limited to MP3 players, IPods/IPads, tablets, and laptops
  • Debit/credit cards, gift cards, and checks
  • Medical Marijuana Card… yes, this does actually happen!
  • Knives, weapons, and refillable lighters
  • Electronic cigarettes, liquids, and/or “vaping” equipment

Clients that do bring contraband will be required to mail those belongings home upon arrival to the Prescott House.

Prescott House Policy of Medications:

  • Any and all medications that are brought to the Prescott House must be prescribed by a doctor and be contained in the original container which they were prescribed in
  • Medications that are not correctly labeled, or prescribed,  will be discarded upon arrival to the Prescott House
  • The Prescott House admission staff must be notified prior to admission of all medications (prescribed or not prescribed) that the incoming individual has been taking

Any questions about what to bring to the Prescott House, please feel free to talk with a member of our admissions staff by calling 1-866-425-4673

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