Arizona State Licensed Residential Treatment Center for Men

Prescott House – Arizona State Licensed Residential Treatment Center for Men


Prescott House, Inc. is a nationally recognized long term rehab & addiction treatment center for men.

Prescott House – Arizona State Licensed Residential Treatment Center and extended care treatment facility for men who need further treatment beyond primary inpatient treatment for a wide range of personal issues.

Find a sober life at the best long term treatment center in Prescott, Arizona. The best men’s rehab, we offer a supportive environment that embraces the principles of 12-Step programs to treat alcoholism, prescription medication, opiates; and other drug addictions, PTSD, codependency, sexual addiction, adult children of alcoholics, self esteem issues, severe entitlement, relapse prevention, depression, gambling issues and dual diagnosis including: depression ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder and Anxiety.

Established in 1988, Prescott House has earned a reputation for success. We have grown and expanded our services while retaining the experienced staff and the commitment to quality that increases the possibility of a sober and healthy life.

At Prescott House, we believe in recovery of the spirit, the mind and the body. The development of a solid and effective aftercare structure is essential in the treatment process. Prescott House offers an aftercare program in house.

Clients finish the residential portion of treatment and are asked to research appropriate living situations here in town and roommates from the House. If approved by staff they will then become an out-patient client and return for a men’s group four days a week, while securing a full time job or educational opportunity at one of our three local colleges.

This process has proven very helpful as it keeps the client accountable to a group, and a therapist, who have all been through the entire treatment process with him, and know the signs of possible relapse and recovery sabotage in his case.